Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bravo Buehrle!

A quick hats off to Mark Buehrle for throwing MLB’s 17th all time regular season perfect game. You like to see good things happen to good people, and Buehrle is one of baseball’s best. Congratulations! I'm glad I was able to watch the entire game today and witness (fairly) rare history.

Some eerie similarities between today’s perfect game and his ’07 no-hitter (courtesy of ESPN):
- Eric Cooper was the home plate ump for both games
- 2:03 was the duration for both games
- Buehrle faced 27 batters faced in both games

DeWayne Wise, the best late inning replacement in baseball history, made one of the most significant catches/plays in baseball history. Not only did the man make a catch in a full sprint to the wall, but he went up and took away a homerun AND secured it after a bobble and crash to the ground; tremendous dedication to preserving a perfect game in the 9th inning. Wise’s commitment to his team was evident by the 110% hustle he put into that play. Great job guys!

This is why we watch baseball!

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  1. I missed most of that day game, but had the radio on in the car from the 7th inning until I got to a tv to watch the 9th. By that time the outcome wasn't in doubt. It was tough to see the Rays on the wrong side of it, but it was good to see the great play that saved the game.