Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010 NFL Draft - Day 3 Buccaneer Top 10

Here's my top 10 for the Bucs on day 3 of the 2010 NFL Draft:

1) Bruce Campbell (T, Maryland) – Deciding whether or not to take a player at his position with his upside is a near no-brainer at this point. I don’t see how you pass on him at this point.

2) Mardy Gilyard (WR, Cincinnati) – He’d be a great pairing with Benn. Arrelious brings the physical threat, and Gilyard is really quick. He’s explosive in and out of his breaks, and I think he has the best vision at the position in this class.

3) Mike Williams (WR, Syracuse) – If he interviewed well with the Bucs, you’d have to think he’d rank pretty high on their board at this point.

4) Everson Griffen (DE, USC) – We need a pass rusher, and Griffen was a supposed R1 talent that’s now available at pick #99. The Bucs must not be terribly high on the guy to have passed on him three times.

5) Corey Wootton (DE, Northwestern) – He’s been discussed a bit in the last 24 hours. I would have preferred Jerry Hughes, but we’re now in the 4th round. I’d be fine with the selection. He has great size with room to grow.

6) James Starks (RB, Buffalo) – He’s still the back I want to draft; underrated with a really nice all-round game. Starks is also a high character guy which has to be factored in when figuring who the Bucs will draft. I can’t see LeGarrette Blount as a player the Bucs would be interested in.

7) Marshall Newhouse (OL, TCU) – I think he brings some versatility on the left side of the offensive line. He’s a tackle who will probably be better off as a guard. Looks pretty strong off the snap and does a good job of using the defender’s leverage against him. He’s also a very high character, leader type which will appeal to the Bucs.

8) Marcus Easley (WR, Connecticut) – He’s one of, if not the best, size/speed prospects in this draft. Easley doesn’t have a ton of production, but his apparent raw skills have him rising up boards.

9) Jonathan Dwyer (RB, Georgia Tech) – I’m shocked he’s still available. I had him going late R2 and wouldn’t have been surprised to see him slip into R3, but to go through the whole thing undrafted is odd. There’s really not much left at the position of any significance other than McKnight, Dixon, and Karim.

10) Austen Lane (DE, Murray State) – I probably have him too high, but I like what little I know about the guy. He’s a player who’s going to take a little while to develop, but he has really impressive length with the ability to fill out a bit more. Reports of his explosiveness vary, but he appears to be a competitor with potential as a pass rusher.

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