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2011 NFL Draft - Day Three Buccaneer Projections

I’ll get more in depth about each pick the Bucs have made so far later on, but let’s just say I’m pleased. Through the first three rounds, the Bucs have acquired two pass rushers and a linebacker with versatility. Adrian Clayborn will line up at RE, and Da’Quan Bowers slides in at LE. Both guys can also line up as ends in 3-4 alignments which will come in handy as Raheem gets more comfortable/frequent with mixing up his looks. Mason Foster has played multiple positions, but I hope the Bucs focus him at WLB as I think that’s where his skills are best utilized. I appreciate Adam Hayward, but I want an impact starter, not a jack of all trades master of none.

What positions am I looking to upgrade on day three? CB, RB, WR, MLB, FS, OT, and I wouldn’t rule out another pass rusher.

Given the way the board is currently situated, I’d look at addressing CB and RB first as I think there are some talented players still available at those positions (in order of preference).

Davon House (New Mexico State)
Rashad Carmichael (Virginia Tech)
Chimdi Chekwa (Ohio State)
Jalil Brown (Colorado)

House has a nice size/speed combo, excels in man coverage, and isn’t shy about laying a hit on someone. Carmichael is a guy I’ve been high on for a while. He’s not as big as House, but he’s extremely active, shows solid coverage and ball skills, and gets to the ball quickly. Chekwa is the least physical corner of this group, but I like his quickness and aggressiveness. His ball skills aren’t where I’d like them to be, but I think there’s a bit of potential for a professional coaching staff to work with. Brown is another big, physical corner, but he’s the least fluid and most technically inconsistent of the group.

Running Back
Kendall Hunter (Oklahoma State)
Jordan Todman (Connecticut)
Derrick Locke (Kentucky)
Taiwan Jones (E Washington)

I’ve said it over and over – I want to see more speed on offense. Here are four players that can give it to you. I’m surprised that Hunter is still on the board. He’s not the biggest back but plays like one. Hunter has run for over 1,500 yards twice and is an underrated weapon as a receiver. He’s not a track guy, but he’s got the quick feet and shake to find and get through those creases. I think Warrick Dunn would be a fair Hunter comparison. Todman is a lot like Hunter in the smaller, thicker back mold. Like Hunter, he’s got that shake, has proven himself as a durable ball carrier, and makes plays in the receiving game. One thing that separates them is that Hunter will get the tougher yards. Locke’s the home run threat. He’s not going to do a lot of damage between the tackles, but he’s a dangerous burner on the edge and has plus hands. If he’s even, he’s leavin’. Jones is another explosive speed back with solid receiving skills. I don’t know a ton about him, but if projections are right, teams could be getting quite a bargain with him this late.

Other positions
I’ve mentioned it multiple times, but if Deunta Williams is available in R5, I might just have to take him based on what I see as tremendous value. I think he’s going to prove to be the best safety in this class and would be a great get late.

Yes, the Bucs have drafted Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers (still feels weird typing that), but I don’t think that should preclude them from considering Greg Romeus should he be there with their next pick.

No, the Bucs didn’t get Randall Cobb or Greg Little, but if they’re still interested in adding a receiver, Edmond Gates would give the team a new fastest wide out. He’s really raw in his route tree and technique but is explosive, has great stop and go ability, and is a legit deep threat.

I consider both of these guys a step down from Nate Irving, but Casey Matthews and Mike Mohamed are the two remaining inside linebackers I’d target for the Bucs. They both slot on my list of desirables behind each of the other players I’ve mentioned above.

I’d be thrilled if the Bucs were able to emerge from the next two rounds with some combination of Davon House, Rashad Carmichael, Kendall Hunter, and Derrick Locke with Deunta Williams as the wild card.

Wrapping up with:
6) Tyrod Taylor (QB) or Mike Mohamed (MLB)
7a) David Mims (OT) or Willie Smith (OT)
7b) Aldrick Robinson (WR) or Mark LeGree (FS)

Potentially giving the Bucs:
1) Adrian Clayborn (DE, Iowa)
2) Da’Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson)
3) Mason Foster (LB, Washington)
4) Kendall Hunter (RB, Oklahoma State)
5) Rashad Carmichael (CB, Virginia Tech)
6) Tyrod Taylor (QB, Virginia Tech)
7a) David Mims (OT, Virginia Union)
7b) Aldrick Robinson (WR, SMU)

With this draft the Bucs get two pass rushers, a linebacker, speed at both running back and receiver, a developmental right tackle, and an underrated passer that could allow us to explore getting something for Josh Johnson while we can.


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