Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 NFL Predictions - Playoffs: Who Dat? Two Dat!

1) Baltimore (13-3)
2) New England (13-3)
3) San Diego (11-5)
4) Houston (10-6)
5) Pittsburgh (12-4)
6) New York Jets (10-6)

Baltimore powers their way to the conference’s top seed, and Pittsburgh is the playoffs’ most dangerous wild card. Every one of these potential matchups has a chance to be greatly entertaining.

Wild Card
NY Jets @ San Diego – San Diego
Pittsburgh @ Houston – Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore – Baltimore
San Diego @ New England – San Diego

Conference Championship
San Diego @ Baltimore – Baltimore

Make it four years in a row without a playoff win for the Patriots. The Ravens make it to the Super Bowl on the back of a nasty and opportunistic defense as well as the playmaking stylings of Ray Rice.

1) Green Bay (14-2)
2) Philadelphia (13-3)
3) New Orleans (12-4)
4) St. Louis (9-7)
5) Atlanta (11-5)
6) Detroit (9-7)

I went back and forth between Detroit and Dallas getting the 6th seed. I’ve got both of them finishing with 9 wins, so if one of them can get to 10, they’re likely to get that last spot.

Wild Card
Detroit @ New Orleans – New Orleans
Atlanta @ St. Louis – Atlanta

Atlanta @ Green Bay – Green Bay
New Orleans @ Philadelphia – New Orleans

Conference Championship
New Orleans @ Green Bay – New Orleans

In a shocker, the Saints derail the Packers seemingly unstoppable train of repeat destiny in what turns out to be the game of the year.

Super Bowl XLVI
New Orleans 31
Baltimore 27

Super Bowl MVP – Drew Brees

They fell in ugly fashion to the Seahawks in the wild card round of last year’s playoffs, but the Saints light up the scoreboard once again this year and ride Brees’ arm to their second title in three seasons. Who Dat? Two Dat!

First, let me say that I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Green Bay repeated. As near impossible as that is to do nowadays, these guys just started hitting their stride last year when they steamrolled their way to the title. Now they’re healthy and realize just how great they can be. I love watching them play.

If I had four teams to roll with it would be the Packers, Saints, Ravens, and Eagles in that order, but I’m going with the Saints as the surprise.

Again, I liked Philly this year, even before the massive run in free agency, and I think the attention paid to the Packers and Eagles will allow the Saints to sneak up on some people. Like Rodgers, Brees has the ability to dominate for long stretches. I like the Ravens best in the AFC and have a strong feeling Ray Rice is going to have an amazing year, finishing as the most productive back in football this season.

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