Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boldin for a 3rd round pick?

"NFL Network's Mike Lombardi just said he hears the asking price for Anquan Boldin is a third-round pick. Sounds reasonable if true."

I agree and have in fact suggested this before. If all it costs is the 67th pick in the draft, then get it done right now. I might be optimistic in thinking that Mardy Gilyard will still be there at 67, but even if he is, would you take him over Boldin? What if Gilyard wasn't there? Are Dezmon Briscoe, Taylor Price, Jacoby Ford, and Carlton Mitchell worth more than a guy of Boldin's caliber?

Sure Boldin will be 30 in October and has dealt with his share of injuries, but the guy has played in at least 10 games in each of his 7 NFL seasons. This is an age where it seems like every skilled player misses a big part of at least one season in their career.

No, he's not an elite #1, but the guy was 11th in the league in receptions last year. Yes, it was a prolific passing offense with Kurt Warner at the helm, but Boldin is a sure-handed, physical receiver who would be a solid pairing with Kellen Winslow.

The Bucs need to provide Josh Freeman with as many reliable receivers as possible, and the free agent options are dismal. A trade for someone with Boldin's credentials at a cheap price is a no-brainer for me. He’d easily be our #1 receiver, and that’s certainly worth a third round pick. Follow this up with kicking Clayton to the curb, signing Kevin Walter for the same $, and then drafting a deep threat, and we'll be headed in the right direction.

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