Friday, March 5, 2010

NFL Free Agency Buccaneer Thoughts

My quick free agency thoughts/wants for the Bucs:

Chad Pennington or no one since Redman re-signed with Atlanta

Chester Taylor and Pierre Thomas are the backs I’d be most interested in. That said, the Bucs aren’t going to get Taylor, and Thomas would cost a 2nd round pick as a RFA. I don’t want Willie Parker. I’d just as soon wait and spend a 5th round pick on James Starks out of Buffalo.

Like I said earlier, Kevin Walter, Nate Burleson, and Chris Chambers are the only free agent receivers I’d be interested in. Burleson has signed with the Lions, and the Bucs are reportedly at least interested in Walter. I’d still like to pursue Boldin for that 3rd round pick. Sign Walter and dump Clayton.


I don’t see anyone in free agency that would be a fit and/or willing to come here as a backup.

Aaron Kampman is still the #1 target in all of free agency IMO. Julius Peppers was never an option, and I don’t think Charles Grant is the answer. I know there’s $ involved, but the Panthers wouldn’t have released Maake Kemoeatu if he was worth keeping. Jason Taylor isn’t coming here. Kyle Vanden Bosch signed with the Lions. I still think it’s either Kampman or Jimmy Wilkerson. Even if they sign one of these guys, I expect them to spend a high draft pick on a pass rusher.

Re-sign Angelo Crowell and at worst have him as competition to Barrett Ruud in the middle. I’d still like to see a draft pick spent on an addition/improvement.

Leigh Bodden and Dunta Robinson were my favorite free agent corners last year, and both are on the market again. The Bucs have been liked to Robinson, but I’d be surprised if either one were to be signed. Richard Marshall is a guy I liked coming out of college, but he’s a RFA, and I don’t see the Bucs and Panthers working out a deal. This is probably Ronde’s last year, and I doubt Raheem is going to take away his starting duties. There are a ton of options in the draft, and I still want two to be taken.

Ryan Clark isn’t coming here. Plus he’s a FS. We’re looking for an upgrade at Sabby’s spot, and there isn’t one on the market. Draft Chad Jones or Barry Church.

Neil Rackers? Jay Feely? Undrafted rookie?

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