Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 NFL Draft Prospects - Tight Ends

1 – DJ Williams (Arkansas)
2 – Kyle Rudolph (Notre Dame)
3 – Lance Kendricks (Wisconsin)
4 – Luke Stocker (Tennessee)
5 – Mike McNeill (Nebraska)
6 – Rob Housler (FAU)
7 – Andre Smith (Virginia Tech)
8 – Virgil Green (Nevada)
9 – Charlie Gantt (Michigan State)
10 – Weslye Saunders (*South Carolina)

While Rudolph is pretty sure to go first, I’m a big fan of Williams’ game. He’s not a huge guy, but he’s solid and run blocks really well for a player counted on primarily for his receiving talents. He catches very cleanly with his hands and will create matchup problems at the next level with his deceptive breakaway speed. Williams is very dangerous in the screen game, and that’s something I expect his next team to take advantage of as well.....Kendricks’ consistency in making plays over the middle of the field in traffic stands out, as does his ability to maximize yard after catch chances.....Stocker is a lot like another former Volunteer, Jason Witten, in that for a guy with minimal speed, he always seems to be open and pick up big yards.....Like Stocker, McNeill just gets open and doesn’t drop passes.....I think Green has a lot of potential as an athletic pass catcher.....Housler’s an underrated prospect who has a combination of size, speed, and receiving ability that could make him a mismatch in the pros.....You’re not going to get a ton of in-line blocking out of this bunch, but they’ll be used in variety of ways to create mismatches with their speed and quickness.

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