Friday, January 14, 2011

Cam Newton's Strengths & Weaknesses

I saw this on a Carolina Panthers message board and had to post it. Funny stuff!


  1. I guess he stills needs work on that long ball eh? He's only averaging over 10 yards per pass and has completed multiple 40+ yard passes already.

  2. Unfortunately for Newton he’s 0-2 in the standings at this point. Sure it was against a weak Arizona defense and a surprisingly porous Packer secondary playing without Tramon Williams, but the fact that he’s been able to put up 854 yards against NFL defenses in two games is noteworthy. Throw in how bad he looked this preseason, and it’s and even bigger shocker. He needs to cut down on the interceptions and not try to take what isn’t there. Then he’ll start to put up some crooked numbers on the left side of the -.

  3. Cam, leave out the nasty words, and your comments won't get deleted.