Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 NFL Draft Prospects - Cornerbacks

1 – Patrick Peterson (LSU)
2 – Prince Amukamara (Nebraska)
3 – Jimmy Smith (Colorado)
4 – Ras-I Dowling (Virginia)
5 – Brandon Harris (Miami)
6 – Aaron Williams (Texas)
7 – Rashad Carmichael (Virginia Tech)
8 – Johnny Patrick (Louisville)
9 – Davon House (New Mexico State)
10 – Kendrick Burney (North Carolina)
11 – Curtis Brown (Texas)
12 – Brandon Burton (Utah)
13 – Jalil Brown (Colorado)
14 – Chimdi Chekwa (Ohio State)
15 – Shareece Wright (USC)
16 – Marcus Gilchrist (Clemson)

Peterson is easily my favorite college football prospect since Calvin Johnson. He’s possesses the ball skills, body control, fundamentals, and physicality to make him an elite player at the next level.....Some have Amukamara ranked higher than Peterson, and I can (somewhat, barely) understand why. He has smoother/quicker hips than Peterson and has impressive closing speed. I like his even/balanced backpedal and ability to quickly change direction in coverage; something that makes Darrelle Revis the game’s best cover man.....Both Smith and Dowling possess a nice combination of size, athleticism, and aggressiveness/physicality. Smith is faster and more fluid than Dowling, and I believe he’ll thrive in a system where he can use his physicality to maximize his short area playmaking skills. I have Dowling higher than others will, but in the right system, I think his length, physicality, and ability to support the run will make him a productive pro. He has some durability issues and doesn’t display the quickest backpedal, but I’ll take his pure football skills.....I’m not that big on Harris. He gets high ratings for his man coverage skills, but I see too much inconsistency to crown him as a lockdown NFL guy. That said, I like how quickly he closes on the ball and the way he makes plays near the line of scrimmage.....Williams will go higher than I have him slotted. To me he’s kind of a “performance doesn’t match the package” player. He’s as naturally skilled as anyone (athletic, quick hips and feet, instinctive) but hasn’t been the difference maker he’s billed as.....Watch out for Carmichael. I think he’s a bit under the radar but has the skills and heart to be an early contributor in the pros.

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