Sunday, November 4, 2012

NFL Picks - Week 9

Week 8 Results (9-4) – Overall (71-39)

Another nice result last week.  Really quick this time.  This will probably be the most favorites I pick in a week all year.

Broncos @ Bengals
Denver is starting to roll, and a strong game on the road will be another step towards a deep playoff run. 

Ravens @ Browns
Haloti Ngata is back for this one, and I expect to see a determined Ravens offense.

Cardinals @ Packers
Arizona is reeling, and the Packers get them at home.  Jordy Nelson is playing. 

Bears @ Titans
This might be a bad spot for the Bears, but as Warren Sapp says, good defenses travel.

Dolphins @ Colts
I really like this matchup – two young, impressive teams.  I’m rolling with the road team because I like their defense more.

Panthers @ Redskins
Everyone expects Cam to lose to Cam 2.0 today, so I’ll go (channeling McLovin) against the grain. 

Lions @ Jaguars
Even a flaky Lions team should win this one.  Jacksonville is missing key players in the secondary.

Bills @ Texans
As long as they’re not looking ahead to next week at Chicago the Texans will roll.

Bucs @ Raiders
The Talib-less Bucs head west and outscore Carson Palmer’s Raiders.  Vincent Jackson gets two TDs.

Vikings @ Seahawks
Sorry, but I don’t trust CP7 at home right now, much less on the road at Seattle.

Steelers @ Giants
I’m going against my gut in this one.  The Giants rarely play well at home, and they can’t sleepwalk against the Steelers.  I’ll say Eli pulls out another one late.

Cowboys @ Falcons
Dez Bryant is nursing a bad hip and reportedly fell on it while going through workouts Sunday morning.  I’m rolling with the Falcons.

Eagles @ Saints
If for no other reason than to see what happens Tuesday in Philly, I’m going with the Saints.  With Darren Sproles out look for Pierre Thomas and Lance Moore to step up big.  


  1. All that makes for 11-2, right? Very impressive, and by all rights you should have been 12-1 save for this ridiculousness, in synopsis, from Reggie Hayes in the Fort Worth News-Sentinel:

    * Third-and-12, Luck rolls left out of the empty backfield, escapes pressure and hits Dwayne Allen for a 22-yard gain.

    * Third-and-14, Luck rolls right out of the pressure and hits T.Y. Hilton for a 25-yard gain.

    * Third-and-goal at the 9, Luck drops back, surveys the field and hits Reggie Wayne over the middle for a touchdown.

    * Third-and-20, time running out in the half, Luck goes deep to Hilton again for a 29-yard gain to set up a field goal.

    * Third-and-10, Luck finds a quick look sideline pass to Donnie Avery for a 22-yard gain.

    * Third-and-16, after an offensive pass interference, Luck goes deep to LaVon Brazill for a 19-yard gain.

    * Third-and-11, Luck finds a short pass out of the shotgun to Allen, who turns it into a 20-yard gain.

    All told, Mr. Luck went 13-17 against the best 3rd down defense in the NFL. If someone had said 'here are some numbers. Guess the circumstances', I would have said Aaron Rodgers against whoever was the worst passing defense that year.

    It is simply impossible for a rookie with a (to put it kindly) substandard offensive line, rookie tight ends, no real running threat and #1 receiver that has lost a step to come through with that sort of performance. It is, isn't it?


  2. Yeah, and I would have been 12-1 if I had stuck with my gut and taken the Steelers over the Giants.

    It's scary how in control of the action Luck is already. The guy is 8 games into his pro career and looks more comfortable than a lot of veteran passers. As you mentioned, he's got a whole lot of nothing to work with too. Very very impressive. Colts fans living the good life. They go from the Peyton Manning era, have one bad year, and now look to be starting an era that will rival Manning's. One down year. Must be nice.

  3. TPE,
    Watching this game tonight, and Luck is showing why he's going to be a great one. For a rookie to be so in sync with his receivers at such an early stage is phenomenal. How can you not love this guy's mental focus? He throws an INT up 17-0 and races downfield to make the tackle. If I'm starting a franchise, he'd likely be my #2 choice behind Aaron Rodgers.