Sunday, December 23, 2012

NFL Picks - Week 16

Week 15 Results (9-6) – Overall (124-67-1)

Went 9-6 for the third straight week.  Got to do better this week.  Zero time, so no writeups, just picks. 

Saints @ Cowboys
Titans @ Packers
Colts @ Chiefs – Upset alert!
Bills @ Dolphins
Chargers @ Jets
Redskins @ Eagles
Bengals @ Steelers
Rams @ Bucs
Raiders @ Panthers
Patriots @ Jaguars
Vikings @ Texans
Browns @ Broncos
Bears @ Cardinals
Giants @ Ravens
49ers @ Seahawks

Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. Mrs. TPE has taken the kids to the great state of Minnesota, and while some might think it quite the break for Dr. TPE, I am, to paraphrase Rusty in 'Ocean's 11' regarding the Malloy brothers, having some trouble filling the hours. Ergo, I have decided to assess every starting (at least for the majority of games) QB on the Iron Sheik scale. What is that you ask? Well, it comes down to being one of these:

    A. Jabroni
    B. Better Than Nothing
    C. The Real

    In turn:

    Tom Brady: The Real
    Ryan Tanneyhill On his way to The Real
    Mark Sanchez: Jabroni
    Ryan Fitzpatrick: Jabroni
    Andy Dalton: Better Than Nothing
    Ben Rothleisberger: The Real
    Joe Flacco: Better Than Nothing to reasonable fans. The Real to Jeff Cameron.
    Brandon Wheeden: Better Than Nothing
    Matt Schaub: Better Than Nothing disguised as The Real
    Andrew Luck: The Real
    Blaine Gabbert: Jabroni
    Jake Locker: Jabroni disgused as Better Than Mothing
    Peyton Manning: The Real
    Philip Rivers: The Real that became Better than Nothing because he plays with Jabronis
    Carson Palmer: Better Than Nothing
    Matt Cassell: Ultimate Jabroni

    Tony Romo: The Real until playoffs…then Jabroni
    RG3: The Real
    Eli Manning: The Real
    Michael Vick: Jabroni, who has herpes
    Aaron Rodgers: The Realest
    Jay Cutler: Jeffbroni George
    Christian Ponder: Sadly, Jabroni
    Matt Stafford: made The Real by Calvin Johnson
    Drew Brees: The Real
    Matt Ryan: The Real
    Josh Freeman: Better Than Nothing
    Cam Newton: Better Than Nothing but inquiring about a move to Jabroniville
    Sam Bradford: The Real, even I am the only one that thinks so
    Russell Wilson: The Real
    Alex Smith: Better Than Nothing
    John Skelton: Jabroni

    Some other notables:
    Greg McIlroy: Jabroni. Tim Tebow: not a quarterback, The Real on punt team. Nick Foles: Better Than Nothing. Kevin Kolb: Jabroni.

    TPE marginally Better Than Nothing!