Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are the Bucs Getting a New Center?

With the Bucs sniffing around Stefen Wisniewski, it raised the question of whether or not they were making a change at center.  Wisniewski can play guard too, so it can be reasoned that the Bucs wanted him to play alongside EDS rather than in place of him.    

However, I’ve read that the Bucs have taken a strong interest in Boston College center, Andy Gallik.  I love it.  Gallik has been a stud in the middle of their offensive line.  I could definitely him as the Bucs R4 pick.  Here’s an excerpt from BC’s head coach, Steve Addazio:

“He’s not strictly a center. He can play guard but he’s uniquely a good center,” Addazio said. “But he sure could play guard but he’s just got that knack. To watch him snap. To watch him shotgun snap a ball for example, or under center snap it and pull to the perimeter, I think he’s gifted. He’s one of the better guys I’ve seen do that. It’s just natural for him. He’s got great balance and he can run. I don’t know what the 40-times are but when you watch him on film, he runs well when he pulls and I think that’s a unique ability he has. And he’s bright. He calls every protection.”

Pursuing Wisniewski is one thing, but a strong interest in a guy like Gallik who should remain at center tells me the Bucs are eyeing a change in the middle.  Do they slide EDS over to RG, or do they save his $3.75m and find someone else to play next to the new center?

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