Sunday, October 7, 2012

NFL Picks - Week 5

Week 4 Results (9-5) – Overall (35-24)

Another good week of picks but just so-so in the Top Performer picks.  Aaron Rodgers tied for the league lead with 4 TDs on the week.  Arian Foster (86 yards; 3.6 ypc) and Larry Fitzgerald (8-64-1) put up respectable numbers but weren’t near the top of the weekly leaders.  Julius Peppers (2 tackles) was nearly invisible on the stat sheet in the MNF game.  On to the next one…

My favorite matchups of the week:
1) Broncos/Patriots – Peyton v. Brady – How many more of these will we have?
2) Falcons/Redskins – Ryan v. RGIII – Who scores more?
3) Eagles/Steelers – Vick on the road against a hungry Pittsburgh team
4) Chargers/Saints – Gonna be explosive one way or the other
4) Packers/Colts – Rodgers v. Luck – Best v. Next?

Dolphins @ Bengals
Holy Hartline Batman!  Dude just keeps catching passes.  The Dolphins receiver gets his stats, but the Bengals get the win. 

Packers @ Colts
This one will be closer than the experts think, but the Packers leave town with a well-earned victory.  Jordy Nelson scores twice. 

Ravens @ Chiefs
Baltimore goes on the road and shows why they’re one of the league’s better teams.  The Ravens avoid a conference road trap and send the Chiefs to 1-4. 

Browns @ Giants
This one will be ugly with the home team doing just enough to hold the Browns at bay.

Eagles @ Steelers
Pittsburgh is getting key players back on the field this week and forces more bad decisions from the Eagles QB.  Pittsburgh rolls.

Falcons @ Redskins
The Falcons pass yet another test as Matt Ryan feasts on a weak secondary. 

Seahawks @ Panthers
Cam struggles against one of the league’s best secondaries.  Marshawn Lynch has a huge game for Seattle..

Bears @ Jaguars
This one is close for a half, but the Bears and Matt Forte score 20 points in the third quarter to put it away.

Titans @ Vikings
This one has a bit of a home upset look to it, but the Vikings continue to be smart with the football.  Adrian Peterson scores twice as Minnesota wins by 10. 

Broncos @ Patriots
Peyton throws for more TDs, but Brady gets the win.  Stevan Ridley scores the winning TD with 3 minutes left in the game.

Bills @ 49ers
Do the Bills really have a chance in this one?  The Niners control the game on the ground, and Ryan Fitzpatrick throws 2 more INTs. 

Chargers @ Saints
New Orleans finally breaks into the win column in a game that shouldn’t have a shortage of points scored. 

Texans @ Jets
Can Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense possibly look any worse?  Yep, and it happens on the national stage on MNF.  Texans by 27. 

Biggest winners (highest margin to lowest) –
1) Texans
2) 49ers
3) Steelers
4) Bears
5) Ravens

Closest calls (lowest margin to highest) –
1) Patriots
2) Giants
3) Packers
4) Seahawks
5) Falcons

Top Performers –
QB – Drew Brees v. Chargers
RB – Adrian Peterson v. Titans
WR – Julio Jones v. Redskins
Defense – NaVorro Bowman v. Bills

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