Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bucs First Round - As I See It

Quickly, here are my thoughts on #19 as we get closer to the start of today's draft:

Everette Brown or Larry English

Scared as Hell They'll Draft:
Josh Freeman or Michael Johnson

Surprise pick (don't sleep on this):
Alphonso Smith, CB (Wake Forest)

Why would he be a fit for the Bucs?
• Athletic
• Very good game speed; instincts
• Hunts the ball down; closes well
• Solid run supporter
• Experienced and productive (51 games; 21 INT is #1 all time ACC)
• Big plays / Hands / Ball skills
• Plays with aggression (maybe a tad too much); tough attitude

If the Bucs trade down from #19 and don't go with English, Smith would be my pick. That said, if they stay put and and take Smith at #19, it wouldn't surprise me much due to his skillset and the obvious need for a starting caliber corner. As I said yesterday, I don't think he's proper value at #19, but I wouldn't be upset with the pick.

As I write this, if I had to choose what the Bucs will do, I think Josh Freeman will be the pick if he's on the board.

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  1. Man I'm still holding out hope Everette Brown is there when we pick. If not hopefully we can trade down a couple of spots and grab either Alphonso Smith or Larry English(or Vontae Davis). In the event Brown is gone at #19 and we are unable to trade down, I say go for either Smith or V Davis. DE is a huge need but the situation isn't as dire as CB. The one thing that scares the he11 out of me though is how enamored Raheem seems to be with Barber, which gives me pause as to whether they would pass on a corner in the 1st. Hopefully its all part of an elobrate front.