Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 2 - Best Available

Seeing as how we addressed our biggest need Saturday (SARRRRRRCASM), let’s see how the Bucs can fumble up day 2.

Still areas of need – CB, WR, DT, DE, T

What picks do they have left? The Bucs are without their six round selection after the “shrewd” move up to draft Freeman but still retain picks in rounds 3 (#81), 4 (#120), 5 (#155), and 7 (#217, #229, #233).

As I said in my Day 1 recap, I’m shocked that Michael Johnson didn’t go in the top 64 picks. I bashed the guy as a bad pick at #19, but I’d definitely take him if he, by some miracle, lasts until pick #81. The Bucs would do it too, but he won’t be there. My guess is someone trades up early to take him. He and DJ Moore are two guys I expect to go very early Sunday.

Who else is there (my TB favorites in bold)?

Nate Davis (Ball State)
Rhett Bomar (Sam Houston State)
Stephen McGee (Texas A&M)

Rashad Jennings (Liberty)
Andre Brown (NC State)

Shonn Greene (Iowa)
Mike Goodson (Texas A&M)
Devin Moore (Wyoming)
James Davis (Clemson)
Cedric Peerman (Virginia)
Kory Sheets (Purdue)

(Again, RB isn’t a need, but Jennings is a heck of a talent. Hey, we took a 5th QB, so why not a RB?)

Juaquin Iglesias (Oklahoma)
Ramses Barden (Cal-Poly)
Derrick Williams (Penn State)
Jarrett Dillard (Rice)
Mike Wallace (Mississippi)

Louis Murphy (Florida)
Mike Thomas (Arizona)
Austin Collie (BYU)
Brandon Gibson (Washington State)
Deon Butler (Penn State)
Quan Cosby (Texas)
Quinten Lawrence (McNeese State)
Tiquan Underwood (Rutgers)
Sammie Stroughter (Oregon State)

(Lot of value looks to be available here. Iglesias should be gone in round 3, and most of the rest should be there in round 4. Might be worth waiting.)

Jared Cook (South Carolina)
James Casey (Rice)
Cornelius Ingram (Florida)
Shawn Nelson (Southern Miss)

Jamon Meredith (South Carolina)
Xavier Fulton (Illinois)
Jason Watkins (Florida)
Lydon Murtha (Nebraska)
Joel Bell (Furman)
Augustus Parrish (Kent State)
Andrew Gardner (Georgia Tech)
Andrew Hartline (Central Michigan)

Duke Robinson (Oklahoma)

Jonathan Luigs (Arkansas)
AQ Shipley (Penn State)

Michael Johnson (Georgia Tech)
Jarron Gilbert (DE/DT, San Jose State)
Lawrence Sidbury (Richmond)
Brandon Williams (Texas Tech)
Victor Strong-Butler (Oregon State)
Everette Pedescleaux (Northern Iowa)
Stryker Sulak (Missouri)

(Again, Johnson’s the pick if he’s there, and I’d definitely consider the versatile Gilbert.)

Roy Miller (Texas)
Chris Baker (Hampton)
Sammie Lee Hill (Stillman)
Dorell Scott (Clemson)
Terrance Taylor (Michigan)
Terrance Knighton (Temple)
Brandon Swain (W. Texas A&M)

(I still think we can wait until Round 5 and get value here.)

Jason Williams (W. Illinois)
Marcus Freeman (Ohio State)
Tyrone McKenzie (USF)
Darry Beckwith (LSU)
Zach Follett (California)
Nick Harris (Oklahoma)

(I think the Bucs have to go with Williams at #81 if they really want him.)

DJ Moore (Vanderbilt)
Coye Francies (San Jose State)
Keenan Lewis (Oregon State)
Mike Mickens (Cincinnati)

Victor Harris (Virginia Tech)
Asher Allen (Georgia)
EJ Biggers (W. Michigan)
Joe Burnett (UCF)

(Wow. DJ Moore shouldn’t last to #81, but I really hope Francies does. My other 3rd round targets, as well as Harris, are still available.)

Rashad Johnson (Alabama)
Chip Vaughn (Wake Forest)
Emanuel Cook (South Carolina)
Courtney Greene (Rutgers)
Brandon Underwood (Cincinnati)
CJ Spillman (Marshall)
Chris Clemons (Clemson)

I’ll make my final picks in the morning after I have some time to sleep on it, but right now, I’m looking at (assuming Michael Johnson and DJ Moore go before we pick again):
(No changes in the A.M.)

R3 –

Coye Francies (CB, San Jose State)
Rashad Jennings (RB, Liberty) – I have to at least mention him
Jason Williams (LB, W. Illinois)
Mike Wallace (WR, Mississippi)

R4 –

Jarrett Dillard (WR, Rice)
Xavier Fulton (T, Illinois)
Brandon Williams (DE, Texas Tech)

R5 –

Roy Miller (DT, Texas)
Jason Watkins (T, Florida)
Mike Thomas (WR, Arizona)

R7 –

Joel Bell (T, Furman)
Everette Pedescleaux (DL, Northern Illinois)
Quinten Lawrence (WR, McNeese State)

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