Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Start Spreading the News

Welcome to the initial post of my new blog. I don’t know what this will develop into, but for now, this is where I’ll be posting my sports related ramblings. Most of the talk will center on the NFL, more specifically the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the year round goings on of the organization. The NFL draft has long been a passion of mine. I’m a draft geek who spends far too much time on this stuff for someone not named Mayock or Kiper, but it I really enjoy it.

I’ll also talk some baseball on here and follow the misery that is sure to be my beloved Dodgers’ ’09 season. They have a good team on paper, but us Dodger fans have heard that song many times before. I’ve been waiting for relevance since ’88, and I hope last year wasn’t just a teaser. Seems like a lifetime ago…

I may even slip in some FSU athletics nuggets from time to time. I’m not as diehard as some alums (my brothers included), but I try to stay on top of the ins and outs of our major athletic programs.

I’m not a huge NBA fan anymore (haven’t had a favorite team since Larry Johnson left the Hornets), and even though I still keep track of what’s going on, I don’t care enough to write about it. My focus on the college game has lessened in the last few years as well, but I still follow it closer than most casual fans. I grew up a Tar Heel fan, watching and rooting for Michael Jordan and eventually the Eric Montrosses, Dante Calabrias, and George Lynches of UNC fame. Rick Fox is my favorite all time Heel, and this is one of my favorite sports moments…

This year’s national championship victory was thing of beauty. Now that Roy Williams is finally part of a decent basketball program (suck it Kansas!), he’s finding out that winning titles isn’t so tough after all.

I get my Nascar fill as well. I do most of my rooting for America's favorite, Dale Jr., but I also like Tony Stewart, Clint Bowyer, and David Ragan. Kyle Busch has easily surpassed Jeff Gordon as my most despised driver in the sport. Yeah he wins, but does he have to look and sound like such a pansy doing it? I also get a kick out of watching Kasey Kahne, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, and JP Montoya take early trips to the garage.

That about sums it up. I’m not a “shock jock” type of guy, but I pretty much say what I think. Whether you agree with me or not, hopefully you’ll enjoy the things I have to say.

Thanks for coming by.

Ty Webb: Let me tell you a little story? I once knew a guy who could have been a great golfer, could have gone pro, all he needed was a little time and practice. Decided to go to college instead. Went for four years, did pretty well. At the end of his four years, his last semester he was kicked out... You know what for? He was night putting, just putting at night with the fifteen-year-old daughter of the Dean... You know who that guy was Danny?
Ty Webb: Take one good guess.
Danny Noonan: Bob Hope?
Ty Webb: Ha ha... No, that guy was Mitch Comstein, my roommate. He was a good guy.

-- Caddyshack, 1980


  1. Congrats on your starting a blog....
    Good Luck with it.


  2. Thanks BucsOne. I appreciate it!