Sunday, April 26, 2009

Undrafted Free Agent Options for the Bucs

How "sad" do you think I was to watch the Jags grab Rashad Jennings with the 250th (of 256) pick in the draft? Here's a guy who for some reason unbeknownst to me lasted all the way until the end of this whole thing. I have no idea if the Bucs would have pursued him, but grabbing him as an undrafted free agent would have made my weekend. Oh well. Here are some undrafted free agents that should interest the Bucs (favorites in bold):

QB –
Nathan Brown (Central Arkansas) (signed w/ Jaguars)
Cullen Harper (Clemson)
Hunter Cantwell (Louisville)
Brian Hoyer (Michigan State) (signed w/ Patriots)
John Parker Wilson (Alabama)
Mike Reilly (Central Washington) (signed w/ Steelers)
Graham Harrell (Texas Tech)

RB –
Kory Sheets (Purdue) (signed w/ 49ers)
Devin Moore (Wyoming) (signed w/ Seahawks)
Jeremiah Johnson (Oregon) (signed w/ Texans)
Ian Johnson (Boise State) (signed w/ Vikings)
Marlon Lucky (Nebraska)

FB –
Brannan Southerland (Georgia)
Conredge Collins (Pitt)
Brian Toal (Boston College)

WR –
Quan Cosby (Texas) (signed w/ Bengals)
Darius Passmore (Marshall)
Brennan Marion (Tulsa)

Aaron Kelly (Clemson)

T –
Jason Watkins (Florida) (signed w/ Texans)
Joel Bell (Furman)
(signed w/ Bills)
Cornelius Lewis (Tennessee State) (signed w/ Colts)
Augustus Parrish (Kent State)
Andrew Hartline (Central Michigan)

DE –
Everette Pedescleaux (N. Iowa)
Tim Jamison (Michigan)
Maurice Evans (Penn State) (signed w/ NY Giants)

DT –
Chris Baker (Hampton)

Mitch King (Iowa) (signed w/ Titans)
Adrian Grady (Louisville)
Marlon Favorite (LSU)

LB –
Darry Beckwith (LSU) (signed w/ Chargers)
Darnell Ellerbe (Georgia)

CB –
Domonique Johnson (Tennessee State)
Jahi Word-Daniels (Georgia Tech) (signed w/ Jaguars)
Ryan Palmer (Texas)

S –
Derek Pegues (Mississippi State)
CJ Spillman (Marshall)

Emanuel Cook (South Carolina) (signed w/ Jets)
Otis Wiley (Michigan State)

K/P -
Graham Gano (FSU) (signed w/ Ravens)

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  1. Damn DT Chris Hampton is available. I say bring him in to compete for a spot. I would also try to bring Quan Cosby in to add some depth and further competition at WR, OT Jason Watkins, K Graham Gano and another CB. I think this is a big test to see if Dominik can land any promising UFA prospects. It shouldn't be a hard sale as we still have needs for more competetion/depth at several positions.