Sunday, September 15, 2013

NFL Picks - Week 2

9-7 isn’t how I had hoped to start.  It was just one week, but the Bucs, Bengals, and Browns were my early disappointments.  The Eagles are entertaining, the Bears look like an offensive team, and the Chiefs may actually give the Broncos a run for the AFC West.  What does this week have in store for us?

Rams @ Falcons
There’s no way the Falcons can start 0-2 right?  Wrong.  I know Matt Ryan always wins at home, but I trust St. Louis’ defense more right now.  I believe Sam Bradford and the Rams offense will get off to an early start and, surprisingly, control most of this game.

Panthers @ Bills
Carolina looked much improved defensively last week, even if Seattle was being vanilla.  They’re the better defense and the better offense. Cam outplays EJ.  Panthers win. 

Vikings @ Bears
Might this be the week 2 gotcha?  The Bears looked really good offensively last week against a strong Bengals defense, and the Vikings had trouble doing anything after MVPeterson took his first carry of the year to the house.  Hesitantly, I pick the Bears to win handily. 

Redskins @ Packers
I think we see a lot of points in this one.  The Packers faced a more potent versatile offense last week, so they should be well prepared for an obviously rusty RGIII.  Will a week of practice make a ton of difference?  Total game score will exceed 70.

Dolphins @ Colts
Indy barely survived what everyone figures will be a bad Oakland team last week at the same time the Dolphins were imposing their will on the Browns.  This would be an early statement game for Miami.  I’m going with the clearly better defense. 

Cowboys @ Chiefs
Maybe I’m crazy, but I wasn’t too impressed with the Cowboys last week.  The Giants literally gave them the game, yet the score was much closer than it should have been.  After getting knocked around by the Giants, Tony Romo heads to Arrowhead, never an easy place for a visitor, where he’ll be hunted by Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, and Dontari Poe.  Andy Reid knows the Cowboys.  Chiefs by 10. 

Chargers @ Eagles
I’d be really surprised if the Chargers pull off this win.  You know Chip Kelly is going to want to run even more plays than they did on MNF, and if Ben Tate (no disrespect; I like him) can average 6 yards a carry against San Diego, how much will Shady and Vick tally?  It’s an early east coast game for the Chargers, and I just think Kelly is going to have them running a lot more than they’d like that early in the day. 

Browns @ Ravens
Baltimore has beaten Cleveland ten straight times, so I’d say there’s some ownage going on here.  Joe Haden shut down Mike Wallace last week, and he’ll likely be locked on Torrey Smith.  I like Marlon Brown to have a big game on the other side, scoring twice.

Titans @ Texans
Something tells me that the Texans need to be careful in this one.  If they come out sloppy again, they might find it harder to come back on the Titans than the Chargers.  Closer than the experts think. 

Saints @ Bucs
Everything says the Bucs should lose this game.  Even with an improved defense, the Bucs will have a hard time matching scores with the Saints.  Doug Martin will have a lot more room to run, but in the end, Freeman won’t be able to make the necessary plays. 

Lions @ Cardinals
Great week one win by the Lions.  They won’t go to 2-0.  Carson Palmer and the Cardinals win an entertaining home opener 34-27. 

Jaguars @ Raiders
In what should easily be the league’s ugliest game of the week, I’m going to trust Terrell Pryor and Sebastian Janikowski to put the Jaguars in the early driver’s seat for the #1 pick. 

Broncos @ Giants
After that 7 touchdown performance in week 1, the Giants have no chance right?  Wrong.  This one reeks upset.  The Giants home dogs?  Victor Cruz celebrates multiple times again.  Giants by 4. 

49ers @ Seahawks
Can’t wait for this one.  Kaepernick v. Wilson.  Lynch v. Gore.  Elite defense v. Elite defense.  San Fran got blasted 42-13 the last time they visited Seattle, but that won’t happen again.  The 12th man will be in full effect Sunday night, and I think the Seahawks get the early leg up in the division on the Niners.

Steelers @ Bengals
I’m not sure how anyone can back the Steelers after that piss poor performance in their home opener against the Titans.  Nothing against Tennessee’s defense, but they’re not the Bengals.  I trust Cincinnati to play much better in their home opener than did Pittsburgh.  Bengals by 13.  

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